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Next Generation Conferencing.

Start On Time

We call you

Biba calls everyone at the start of the meeting. No more dial-ins, passcodes or cheesy hold music.

No role call

The roster shows you who is on the call, who is muted and who is talking

No waiting

Instantly let other attendees know you are running late and when you will join. No waiting for the organizer to get started.

Easy Conference Calling
Conference Calls

Instant Gratification

HD Audio

Biba audio is 6x better than a typical mobile call. You will hear the difference instantly.

One Click Video & Screen Sharing

Share content or add video conferencing to a call already in progress.

Mobile Awesome

We call you. Visual roster. Easy device switching mid call.

Backwards Compatible

Dial-In and PIN

The old school button pushing option to call in via dial in and passcode is still available.

Toll Free and International Calls

Biba has toll free plus international dial in for over 40 countries available for 2 cents a minute.

Audio Conferencing